We invite you to join Helping Hand House as we end family homelessness, one family at a time.

HHH could not provide desperately needed housing services for our clients without the generous support of like-minded donors and volunteers. Every dollar you give and every hour you volunteer has a tangible value in completing our work. Our appreciation runs deep for those who value the life-changing and community-transforming work we do.

If you are passionate about the well-being of children and families in Pierce County, we welcome you to consider the many ways to get involved and help HHH meet our mission of providing emergency shelter for families in our community, and end their period of homelessness.


Helping Hand House values our volunteers as partners and offers periodic opportunities for individuals and groups.

Our intent is to maximize volunteer opportunities to the best of our ability. We are dedicated to providing safe, organized, and meaningful experiences for all volunteers. Our hope is that, in the spirit of partnership, volunteers will take their knowledge and experiences at Helping Hand House and family homelessness back to their friends and family in order to infuse the community with the power of lending a hand.

Volunteer and donation opportunities vary during the year, depending on needs. If you are interested in joining the Helping Hand House team of volunteers, please click on the link below and submit. We are currently seeking volunteers for the following opportunities…

Holiday Opportuities

Provide a Thanksgiving or Christmas Meal

When an Adopt-a-Family match is made, the family’s make-up will be provided; number of adults, children, and ages. Please indicate approximately what size family you would like to sponsor. Requests will be matched as closely as possible however we are unable to guarantee a perfect match.  If you are matched with a family you are not comfortable with please feel free to let us know. Families/sponsors will be matched in the order requests are received.

Ingredients for turkey or ham dinners are always appreciated, but feel free to be creative. We may have families with different traditions, so please let us know if that opportunity appeals to you. Many children in our families depend on schools for breakfast and lunch. Kids will be out of school for two weeks during the holidays so feel free to include additional non-perishable food for the family to enjoy during the holiday period. Gift cards are also welcome and appreciated, especially in place of perishable food, including fresh or frozen meats which may not last until the actual holiday. We have very limited freezer and refrigerator space in our office, and are unable to accommodate perishables. All families live in areas with Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, and Safeway stores.

All of our housing units have full-size refrigerators with freezer compartments. Almost all of our families make use of the community food banks and have a steady diet of canned foods. An opportunity to freeze leftovers is quite appealing so if you would like to include any type of freezing containers or bags, they are much appreciated.

Please note: All Thanksgiving food donations must be delivered to our office on Thursday, November 16th between the hours of 7AM-Noon. Families will be picking up their goodies that same afternoon. If you are unable to deliver on this day/time, please let us know prior to adopting a family. We will try to accommodate a different delivery day/time, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Adopt a Family for Christmas

Help fulfill the Christmas needs of a family by participating in our Adopt-a-Family program.  You can choose to provide a holiday dinner and/or holiday gifts for each person in the family.

Gift Giving Guidelines

  • When an Adopt-a-Family match is made, the family information and wish lists will be forwarded to the sponsor. We are starting to receive information back from families with first names of each family member, gender, and ages. In addition they will provide information about needs and likes for each person. At the time you request a family, please indicate approximately what size family you would like to sponsor. Requests will be matched as closely as possible, however, please remember that small families and families with small children are always taken first. We are not able to assign families based on more specific requirements (number of girls, age of children, etc.). Families/sponsors will be matched in the order requests are received.
  • If you choose to include clothing in your gift choices, please include gift receipts if possible in the event clothing does not fit and needs to be exchanged. Basic need items (jackets, shoes, underclothing, etc.) are also encouraged as opposed to mostly toys.
  • Please wrap all gifts and mark gift tags with family ID# (given to you at time of match) and recipient’s first name.
  • If you choose to purchase large gifts such as gaming systems, please bring it wrapped and marked as a “family gift”. Please remember that you are in no way obligated to provide gifts family members ask for that are expensive or are uncomfortable for you. We let families know that they should ask for gifts in the $20 and under price range, but we always see requests that are far beyond what expectations should be.
  • Sponsors may want to include a holiday card to the family along with their gifts. Please only include your first name, and no other personal contact information.
  • We will coordinate a delivery for Christmas items with each sponsor individually based on the family’s ability to pick up food.

Other Options

Christmas Store

A few years ago we began a new tradition of having a “Christmas Store” in our office where parents come and shop for a couple of additional items they could pick out for each of their kids. They have a great time and are very appreciative of being able to pick out some things themselves.

If you or a group you are associated with would like to collect items to put in the store it’s a great way to provide lots of Christmas Cheer. Suggestions for items to collect:

  • Socks and underwear (all sizes & shapes…..everyone wears them!);
  • Items for school wear (all sizes, colors, etc.);
  • Educational Toys;
  • Movie Tickets;
  • Anything else you can think of!

Tree Trimmings and Gift Wrapping

  • One of our community members donates Christmas trees to all our families who would like to have them. We encourage donations of tree stands and tree trimming decorations. Tree lights should be new; however we do accept gently used tree ornaments. We are unable to accept other holiday items such as outdoor lights, candles, tinsel, or room decorating items.
  • Wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tags are welcomed and appreciated. Items picked by parents at our “free shopping store” can either be wrapped on the day of shopping or by families at home.

Host a Gift Card Drive

A great holiday project for your team at church, work, club, or family!  Gift cards empower families – they allow them the joy of choosing gift items they know will bring joy to the hearts of their children.

Your group can make gift tags (painted, sparkly, etc) to hang on a tree or wreath that people can take as a reminder to purchase a gift card. Ideas of store names to put on tags that allow affordable purchase choices are:  Fred Meyer, Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, and TJ Maxx.

Other options for gift cards are groceries, family activities, restaurants, and gas.  Again, some ideas for affordable purchases are Safeway (groceries & gas), movie passes, museum and zoo admissions, and family restaurants (Applebee’s, Red Robin).

Donate Financially

If you are unable to participate in our holiday programs or wish to support Helping Hand House with needs throughout the year, you may give a financial donation. Mail your check to 4321 2nd St. SW, Puyallup 98373 or donate online at www.helpinghandhouse.org.

Please contact Laurie Jackson at lauriej@helpinghandhouse.org or 253-848-6096, Ext. 101 if you have questions or need additional information about any of our giving programs.

Thank you for your support and generosity. We hope you enjoy this time of year as much as we do!

Organize a Supply Drive

Our most consistent need is for items used in our homes and by our families. Donations are welcome from individuals, or from groups wanting to conduct a supply drive. In addition to collecting items, they need to be delivered to the HHH office, or to a designated storage area.

List of Supplies Needed

If you are interested in any of the above Volunteer Opportunities or those that may become available in the future, please complete and submit our volunteer interest form.

Please Note: We are unable to sign off on court ordered service hours.

Household Cleaning Supplies. Includes All Cleanup Equipment. RELATED PHOTOS ON MY PORTFOLIOhttp://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/carlosgawronski/CleaningSupplies.jpg

Want More Information on Volunteering?

Partnership Opportunities

There is simply no way Helping Hand House can provide the services it does for children and families without critical partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches, and other entities in our community. Since our inception, it has been these partnerships that have helped us leverage our resources to positively affect the lives of those in need.

We are always looking to expand our scope of outreach and services to our clients. If you have an interesting or creative idea about how you can partner with Helping Hand House to help us meet our mission, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us at impact@helpinghandhouse.org.

Employment Opportunities

Our Mission at Helping Hand House is to provide emergency shelter and housing solutions to families in our community, ending their crisis of homelessness.

Do you have a passion for strengthening families, building relationships, and working creatively to solve problems? Our work leads to lasting impact in the lives of the children and families we serve, from giving a child his first Christmas or birthday present to helping a mom navigate the rough waters toward financial stability. We are all here because we’re passionate about what we do…and WHO we do it for!

As a staff member at Helping Hand House, you will be challenged to utilize your gifts and talents to help shepherd families through a very difficult time of their lives. As a team who works closely together, we start from a position of trusting one another as we draw on each other’s strengths and support. We are motivated and dedicated to treating our families with compassion as we help them see the hope for a better future for their children.

If this seems like a place where you would like to spend your time, we look forward to meeting you!

We currently have no paid positions available.

Volunteer Opportunities