Helping Hand House is dedicated to providing emergency shelter and housing solutions to families in our community, ending their crisis of homelessness. We provide housing and other services to families living in East Pierce County, whose income is below 30% of the area median income, and who are homeless or living in places not fit for human habitation.

Helping Hand House provides assistance through multiple housing programs, serving families who need varying degrees of assistance based on their current situation. While we are unable to serve every family who walks through our door, those who qualify for services are helped through one or more of the following programs…

Open Hearth Ministries

HHH’s Open Hearth Ministries provides immediate respite care for homeless families in East Pierce County. During a brief motel stay, families receive light case management, resource referrals, and encouragement as they work toward their next stable housing solution.

Emergency Shelter

HHH’s Emergency Shelter Program provides temporary housing for homeless families with children. Families stay in one of seven agency-owned or contributed homes and receive case management tailored to the specific needs of the family. During their stay, HHH helps the family work to secure permanent housing through HHH’s Rapid Rehousing Program and provides referrals to other agencies to help overcome other life obstacles.

Rapid Rehousing

HHH’s Rapid Rehousing Program provides training and financial assistance to homeless families to secure a new permanent housing lease in their own name with minimal assistance. Once a new home is secured, HHH provides financial resources for application fees, move-in costs, and rental and utilities assistance for a limited time.

Permanent Supportive Housing

HHH’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program helps chronically homeless families in which a family member has a permanent disability. Unable to fully-support the entire cost of housing, the client family pays a portion of their monthly income toward rent. Additional support received is focused on enhancing the family’s career potential with the goal of assisting the family to attain as much self-sufficiency as possible.

Affordable Housing

In HHH’s Affordable Housing Program, eligible families move into a HHH-owned home under a one-year, below-market rent lease during which they also pay for utilities and other housing costs. The goal of the program is to help the adults in the family succeed in overcoming their long-term barriers to housing stability while encouraging them to recognize that a child’s education should become and remain a priority in their lives.

Our Mission

Helping Hand House provides emergency shelter and housing solutions to families in our community, ending their crisis of homelessness.

What We Do

Helping Hand House serves families with children in our community experiencing the crisis of homelessness by providing emergency shelter and other services in an effort to help them obtain their own safe and secure “forever” home. We provide urgent relief with trust, dignity, respect and compassion while rekindling their hope for a better future.

Our Core Values

Urgent Relief

We respond with immediacy and agility.


We are helpful, confidential, ethical and professional.


We treat everyone with respect, and we help people move toward a deeper understanding of their possibilities and potential.

Our Sponsors

Our community is very important to HHH and we are pleased to acknowledge individuals and businesses who have pledged to becoming our long-term partners in providing emergency shelter and housing solutions for families. If you would like to learn more about partnering with us in some way, contact us at There are opportunities for everyone to be involved.