Recent comments from student volunteers

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A tremendous “Thank You!” to the many students who volunteer with us every year – we wanted to share a few of the notes they give us…

“Thank you so much for every single thing you have done for HHH and for the people in our community. I absolutely love all the projects you put on and you always do things to benefit others, and not just for recognition of doing things… Thank you so much!”  – Megan

“Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer! Your organization is so awesome!” – Kayla

“Your organization is incredible! I would love to be more involved in it and I had fun organizing the shop room! Thanks for letting us help out.” – Hannah

“I really enjoyed learning more about HHH and have followed you guys on Facebook and Twitter!” – Peter

“Thanks so much for letting us organize the shop room. I had a wonderful experience.” – Melanie

“You have such a wonderful organization and I thoroughly enjoyed helping HHH. Thank you so much and you are a wonderful group of people!” – Allyssa

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