Update Letter to Supporters about Staff Changes

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Please click here to download the signed PDF letter from HHH Board President Karen Thomas

Dear friend of Helping Hand House,

As you may have heard, Helping Hand House is going through a transition in staffing. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the changes.

I am very proud to say that Helping Hand House is the largest provider of housing for families in East Pierce County, with next year being our 30th year serving the community. This is a large and significant responsibility that we carry, and we are extremely focused to insure that every dollar that we spend is going to further our mission of helping remove families from poverty. We are currently in the process of revising our 2013 budget because we have not received all of the funding that we had planned on from some of our largest grant funders, including government funding. In order to balance our budget and maintain our priority of providing excellent service the decision has been made to reduce the size of the management team by three staff persons. This will allow us to still maintain a strong core administratively while maintaining our team of case managers who directly serve our clients.

We are also going through a planned transition with the retirement of our senior finance manager, who is handing off her responsibilities to her assistant. This process had been planned for over a year and was actually delayed graciously in order to help us get through the executive transitions of this year.

One of the most visible changes to the community is our beloved full-time volunteer and community engagement coordinator. I know how important this position has been and we plan to contract with her to continue many of her duties on a part-time basis.

Fortunately, we continue to receive enormous support from individuals who contribute funds and volunteered goods and services to help us serve our mission. The support we have received from the individuals in the community has always been outstanding, and we would not be able to do nearly as much as we do without you.

Please rest assured that Helping Hand House is still in a strong position to continue for another 30 years serving the community, and we will continue our tradition of excellence in helping families recover from homelessness and build strong futures.

Thank you so much for your patience and support as we continue our strengthening and evolution into a new generation of serving the community.


Karen M. Thomas
Helping Hand House Board President

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