As job losses increase, more families looking for a place to sleep at night…

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Anyone else confused about whether America is gaining or losing jobs? The newspapers have conflicting articles in the very same issues sometimes…what we know from Pierce County, however, is that more families are on the edge – and off the edge – than has happened in a very long time. The result of this? Family homelessness increases, and with it, calls for help. If you’ve ever answered a call from someone who needs a safe place for their 9 year old daughter to sleep at night, rather than a tent or a car in the WalMart parking lot…it’s absolutely heartbreaking, all the moreso when you have no good news about an open home. People are stepping up all around the County in this time – South Hill Rotary is raising money for a duplex that will house 8+ families a year in our Emergency Housing program (more on this in a blog posting to come).

But the community needs more help – if you want to step in and play a role, click here to check out volunteer opportunities, or join us for a House Warming Tour.

Tough times, folks.