Get to Know our CEO

After a 17-year career at the largest credit union in the United States serving churches, schools, and other ministries, Kevin Bates was looking to continue serving his community by connecting with an organization making a difference in the lives of those in need. Introduced to Helping Hand House in March of 2015, he joined the…

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We’ve Evolved!

It has been said that the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. During Help Hand House’s 34 years of serving homeless families in Pierce County, we have definitely seen our fair share: Changes in the economy that lead to refinement of service practices to ensure we care for as many families as possible. Changes…

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President’s Report

In the nearly three years I have served Helping Hand House, we have experienced significant transition. The goal of any change we’ve made is purposed with a singular purpose: organizational health. Only healthy organizations (with healthy board, staff and volunteers) can sustainably serve people in crisis. Being healthy means focusing on our finances, programs, HR,…

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Necessity Provides the Spark…

The first recorded mention of the well-known saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” comes from Plato’s Republic in about 369 A.D. This phrase has grown as a self-evident truth in our society – when a problem presents itself, something, or someone, will come along and accept the challenge to “invent” a way to address…

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Meet Pat Williams, Director of Housing Operations at Helping Hand House

  Q: How long have you been at Helping Hand House? A: I’m going into my 19th year. Q: What is your primary focus at Helping Hand House? A: Helping families overcome homeless and become permanently housed. Many kids haven’t had stability in their lives and being homeless will have adverse effects and kids moving…

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