President’s Report

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In the nearly three years I have served Helping Hand House, we have experienced significant transition. The goal of any change we’ve made is purposed with a singular purpose: organizational health.

Only healthy organizations (with healthy board, staff and volunteers) can sustainably serve people in crisis. Being healthy means focusing on our finances, programs, HR, and most importantly, good governance. We’ve always had incredible staff working at HHH, but if we don’t lead well, we risk losing our shared values and principles. If we lose those, we are on a path to ruin.

We’ve invested thousands of man-hours from our staff and volunteers to build a better organization. Through this process, we forged a renewed commitment to serve our families in crisis. We are especially steadfast in our desire to serve each family that needs help for tonight.

Children in our community should not worry about where they sleep, or if they sleep.  I’ve met the mothers and fathers of these children. I’ve met their kids. These interactions convince me that we must do everything we can, every day we can, in order to make their safe bed available within hours, not weeks. We have to be healthy to serve with urgency. If I dialed 911 for a emergency and they offered to schedule me help for next month, I’d be frustrated, disappointed and angry. Likewise, families who are sleeping in cars or “camping” is not acceptable. Our board and staff are committed to responding with urgency to our community’s most obvious need: emergency shelter.

As we continue to grow and shape our ability to respond, I’m asking for people to pray and support our efforts. Please join us as we serve this critical need. If you’re interested in learning more about our vision, I would love to meet with you personally. May God give us the strength and wisdom to serve families experiencing the crisis of homelessness.


June 7, 2017 by: emgadmin Category: Blog | 0 Comments