Grace’s Story: 100 Phone Calls to a Breakthrough…

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Grace was in a rough spot, yet again. After nearly four years, she felt as though she was still just…hanging…on…

In 2014, Grace’s husband unexpectedly passed away, leaving her as a single mom raising three kids under ten years old. She had been a stay-at-home mom, not having worked for years. With her husband as the only source of income, she soon lost their home as well, ending up homeless for the first time. As she tried to find another home for her kids, she had her identity stolen, destroying her credit. The only place she could find was two rooms in a private residence, with only periodic use of the kitchen and bathroom. This was her life for nearly four years, until the day the homeowner told her the house was being sold, leaving Grace and her three children homeless again. Desperate, Grace turned to Helping Hand House.

Grace needed a safe, secure place to stay while she found a new home for her family. Once Helping Hand House provided a place to stay in one of our emergency shelter units, she got to work looking for their new home. Because Grace’s credit was still in bad shape, it was quite a process! While she worked her shift hauling and loading large freight containers at night, she spent her days calling or visiting over 100 places to find a place that would consider her as a tenant. Yes – OVER 100 places! Along the way, Grace worked hard to save the money needed for her rental deposit, checked in with us every day for encouragement, and held on to the hope for her better future!

After over two months, Grace found their new home – a 3-bedroom condo with a washer and dryer! She was thrilled because it was first time in four years her family would have more than two rooms to live in, PLUS a place to do their laundry. During her stay with HHH, Grace saved two months’ worth of rent payments for her deposit. In addition to the stay in the emergency shelter unit, HHH provided financial assistance for her security deposit and her referral to the Northwest Furniture Bank. She and her family went from homeless to their new, fully-furnished “forever home” in just 70 days!

Grace’s experience, while unique, is similar to every family we serve. Sometimes a mom and her kids just need a safe place to stay as they launch the next phase of their lives together. Your financial contribution to Helping Hand House can provide a safe stay for the next family like Grace and her three children.

  • $180 provides a 3-night stay in a hotel for a family through our Open Hearth Urgent Relief Program, allowing a family in crisis to stabilize and plan their next steps toward permanent housing.
  • $750 provides a 30-day stay in HHH’s Emergency Shelter Program, the program that helped Grace and her family!
  • $1,000 provides a security deposit for a family like Grace to help them sign a lease and END their crisis of homelessness!

Thank you for your generosity in meeting the needs of families like Grace and her kids.

* For her privacy, Grace’s name has been changed and a representational photo has been used


July 13, 2018 by: Katie Zech Category: Blog | 0 Comments