Family Events

The families served by Helping Hand House work hard!

In the midst of circumstances that would be daunting for any of us, they create and follow strict plans designed to move them from poverty and homelessness to economic independence and housing stability. Their goal – and the goal of Helping Hand House – is that they will never be homeless again.

We think they deserve a hand! To honor our families’ strengths and successes, and to demonstrate our belief that hard work should be rewarded, we invite you to attend the following events with us:

Awards Banquet

Every January, we recognize the successes of our families as we all sit down to a great meal. A promotion, a GED, perfect attendance of children in school, great parenting – all are cause for celebration!

Summer Family Picnic

August is the perfect time for families in Pierce County to get out and enjoy the weather. Families living in Helping Hand House emergency and transitional housing units are invited to a day of games, barbecue, and awards for the children involved in our Summer Reading Challenge. Join staff and program families and enjoy the simple pleasure of a picnic in the park.

For additional information, please contact Jane McKittrick at (253) 848-6096, ext. 22 or Jamie Anderson at (253) 848-6096x ext. 15.