Mission, Vision & Values

In our over 30 years of service to homeless and nearly homeless families with children living in the more rural areas of east Pierce County and the cities of Tacoma and Puyallup, Helping Hand House guides families to make permanent changes in their lives that enable them to thrive.

Our history began in 1984 in a single emergency shelter operated by volunteers who were passionate about making sure that every family had a safe, comfortable place to live. Today we serve 200 families a year in our 40+ housing units or with rental and utility assistance.

Helping Hand House is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors and operated by a staff of professionals in social work, operations, non-profit leadership, finance, fundraising, and community development. The work of Helping Hand House and the success of the families is supported by generous funders, donors, and volunteers.

Our programs have evolved since 1984 to focus on the following key elements:

– Financial Literacy: Create new awareness and habits around spending and saving, so that families make informed decisions about improving their financial condition and are able to sustain the gains that they make.

– Increased family health and stability: Health is an important part of a sustainable life that we are teaching families to lead. Program assist families in establishing routine health care habits (physical, mental, and dental), enrolling in public services (for a limited period of time), and setting health and well-being goals in stability plans.

– Employment: It is possible to enjoy what you do for work and support your family in the process. Our programs optimize wage progression and upward mobility through training, education, and awareness by developing talents and interests toward stable and meaningful employment that supports the family and individual development.

– Life Skills: Learn workplace and life skills to achieve lasting changes making it possible to sustain their families and contribute fully to their communities. In the process of growth, parents model for their children how change and success are possible.

– Strategic and forward thinking mindset: Our programs help families to think differently about their situations and obstacles so they move from despair to hope and are deeply motivated to change their lives.

– Preparation for Permanent Housing: Prepare to find and retain permanent housing by identifying, confronting and removing obstacles to independent living. Success restores confidence and self-esteem so families can engage in their neighborhoods as productive members and community leaders.


Helping Hand House is dedicated to ending family homelessness by providing caring support, education, and innovative programs designed to empower families to achieve self-sufficiency.  Helping Hand House develops and implements model programs in partnership with community resources to strengthen families with children while contributing to healthier communities.


Helping Hand House is dedicated to preventing and ending family homelessness.


Helping Hand House provides an environment based on integrity, compassion, honesty, respect, good stewardship, and professionalism through positive and caring relationships.

Rekindling Hope

Hope makes dreams possible. Dreams motivate us to become more than we are. Families who have lost everything have lost hope as well. Through their work at Helping Hand House, they recover their hope. They dream again. And they learn how to make their dreams reality.

We invite you to get acquainted with Helping Hand House and join our efforts to end family homelessness.