Planned Giving: Investment in a Legacy

Thank you for your interest in Helping Hand House. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information. We have been experiencing a great deal of interest from friends of Helping Hand House in becoming members of The Legacy Society. These are individuals, like you, who are passionate about their families and ending family homelessness. They have become members of The Legacy Society by making a planned gift. We invite you to explore the benefits of gift planning and to see how your gift will make a difference in ending homelessness for families in Pierce County.

Getting Started: Bequests

happyelderly41If you plan to make a charitable gift by will, please think it through carefully. Then, meet with your attorney to discuss and update your will. Tell him or her exactly what you want to do. Be as clear as possible in describing what you want given to whom. If you would like, a member of the Helping Hand House development team or a volunteer Board member would be happy to meet with you and help you prepare for the meeting with your attorney.

Let Us Know
We hope you’ll tell us when you have named Helping Hand House in your will. We would very much like the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept completely confidential. But at the same time, recognition of your gift can encourage others to do the same. Whatever the case, we will honor your wishes, because we appreciate your support immensely. And, if you have any other specific requests for a bequest, please contact Development Director Jamie Anderson at (253) 848-6096 or for assistance.

Legal Information and Bequest Language

The following information is provided to assist you in developing your charitable gift and estate plans in consultation with your attorney, accountant, and/or other advisers.

Confirmation of Helping Hand House’s Tax-Exempt Status

Confirmation of HHH’s tax-exempt status is provided in the form of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury. To download a copy of this document (in PDF format), please click here.

Helping Hand House’s Federal Tax I.D. number is 91-1275046.

Designating Your Gift

Gifts made through wills and revocable trusts are often directed to the organization’s permanent endowment. Endowment is a particularly effective way to leave a lasting legacy, since the earnings accrued on your gift will support Helping Hand House in perpetuity.

Your bequest may be unrestricted — to be used at the discretion of the Executive Director and Board for the mission’s highest priorities — or you may designate your bequest to support a specific program, such as emergency housing, children’s services, or homeless prevention. You may make your gift in your own name, or you may memorialize a loved one with your contribution.

Language for Including Helping Hand House in Your Will or Living Trust

happycouple2We recommend the following language for making a gift to Helping Hand House by will or revocable trust:
“I hereby give to Helping Hand House, a Washington State not-for-profit corporation, with its principal place of business in Puyallup, Washington:

  • The sum of $________________ [amount] AND/OR
  • The following described property: ________________ [description] AND/OR
  • ________% [percent] of the residue of my estate.”

For bequests to the organization’s permanent endowment, please add:
“This gift shall be added to the permanent endowment of the organization.”

Named Endowment Funds

If your gift will be more than $50,000, you may wish to create a named endowment fund by including the following language:

“The property comprising this gift may, for investment purposes, be merged with any of the organization’s investment assets. However, the gift shall be entered in the organization’s books and records as the ________________ [name] Fund, shall always be so designated, and the income therefrom, but not the principal, shall be used for ________________ [stated purpose] of Helping Hand House.”

Questions and Next Steps

If you or your advisers have any questions about this information, please contact a member of Helping Hand House’s development staff at . We would be glad to assist you further.

Helping Hand House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Every donation, cash or in-kind, is tax deductible, and contributions made on or before December 31, 2009 may be deducted from 2009 taxes. Please consult your tax advisor for details. We will also keep you updated as to how your contribution is making a difference in our community.