Changing Kids’ Lives

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We all like to think that we would. Here’s an opportunity to do so, shared in the life of our little friend, Sarah.

Sarah was 5 years old. A year ago June, her mom and brothers left their home to go camping for the summer, something they had never done but was a fun adventure for 3 kids. They slept in a tent, ate food from cans that were heated on a camp stove, and played tag in the woods. The weather began to get rainy and cold, and Sarah wondered when they could go home. Mom said that they would be camping in the car for a little while. It was lonely, and confusing, and the nights were scary, especially when there was thunder and loud rain on the roof of their Honda Civic. Why couldn’t she sleep in her bed instead of the cold carseat? She missed her bike and the toys that lined the wall of her bedroom at home. Mom cried sometimes, and her little brother Ben had a really bad cough that didn’t go away. This was the year she was starting kindergarten in Puyallup.

sarah's bikeSarah was homeless. She wasn’t a statistic, and it wasn’t her fault. And yet, Sarah was one of the 600 school-aged kids in east Pierce County that don’t have a bed to return to tonight. I say that she “was,” because last fall, their family came into one of the homes at Helping Hand House. She has a bedroom, is attending school and has friends over to play. Her mom, Lana, got her GED and is partway through a training program at Clover Park that will equip her to get a job as a certified nursing assistant and make a living wage. Sarah even has a bike that a local company provided for her on her birthday.

There are many more Sarah’s out there. You can make a difference and change a child’s future – from scary nights in the car to the childhood we each want for our own little ones. By giving below, your funds will go directly to serving kids and families in the most need this season. From Sarah, and each of us – thank you.