We’ve Evolved!

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It has been said that the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. During Help Hand House’s 34 years of serving homeless families in Pierce County, we have definitely seen our fair share:

  • Changes in the economy that lead to refinement of service practices to ensure we care for as many families as possible.
  • Changes in our community related to housing, job prospects, development, etc., all of which affect those who live, work and play in our neighborhoods.
  • And, most satisfying, changes in the lives of moms, dads and kids as we help them find and secure a safe home, helping them end the cycle of generational homelessness.

Unfortunately, there is one thing in our community that has NOT changed – There are too many homeless families in Puyallup and East Pierce County. It’s inexcusable. Therefore, we remain devoted to providing emergency shelter to families in desperate need of a temporary home, financial resources to help them secure their new permanent home in an ever-tightening housing market, and effective life skills training or referrals to good programs to help overcome significant life challenges and secure hope for a better future.

While the “what we do” will not change, the economic realities and our evolving community undoubtedly affect the “how we do it.” We have developed a habit of routinely asking ourselves, “How will we continue to ensure HHH’s ability to provide desperately needed services to families in our community?”

Sometimes – agencies are due for a “big leap” in their evolution as a service provider. This is what Helping Hand House has been working on over the last year. In that time, the board of directors and staff invested countless hours evaluating who our agency is today, and crafting who we will become in the future. This critical period in the lifecycle of our agency led to the development of our new core values and brand identity. We are excited about the recent evolution we have undergone during this process. Some highlights and milestones include:

  • Our new mission, vision, and core values will provide a road map to an exciting future expansion of desperately needed services to homeless families in our community.
  • The newly developed brand identity includes our new logo, portraying our heart to serve homeless families with the work of our hands, leading to the security felt by our families.
  • Our newly developed color palate visually speaks to the cheerful, hopeful, and invigorating way we serve our families.
  • Upon developing this new identity, our new website launched in July to help us engage with our community of supporters, volunteers, and others who want to learn more about how Helping Hand House makes a difference.

In addition to our new website, we’re changing the way we communicate, engage, and partner with our community as well. We want to keep you in the loop so that you’ll have opportunities to hear exciting, life-changing stories and become a part of it all!

Here are the ways we’ll connect:

E-Newsletter – We look forward to sharing current events and stories of what’s occurring in the life of Helping Hand House and our families.

  • Social Media – We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Follow us and take part in the conversation – and don’t forget to share away!
  • Partner “Shout-outs” – We’ll introduce you to local businesses, churches, service clubs and individuals who partner with us to serve families in need.
  • Website – We’ll actively engage with you, sharing current information and blog posts to educate the community about the challenges our families face. When you know more, you can be more prepared to help.

What we do has not changed. How we do it and how we tell our stories has evolved – and improved! We look forward to connecting with you on a regular basis to let you know what’s going on, what we need to serve more families, and how you, too, can be one of our “helping hands” and experience the joy of seeing families move from brokenness to wholeness during their time with Helping Hand House.

As always, I’m a big coffee fan. I would love to sit down with you, learn about your heart for families in our community, and share more about Helping Hand House. Please email me at kevin@helpinghandhouse.org and we can set something up soon!



August 31, 2017 by: lauriej Category: Blog | 0 Comments