This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work – partners working together.

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This week we had a organization called Open Hearth contact us regarding a single mom and 2 children that have been homeless for a month and the county system has not been able to help them because then mom is not a citizen of the US.

Pat Williams and I have been working on this and it appears that the Washington State Fair is willing circumvent their own minimum income guidelines for their many rental units after an appeal to them, to allow this family to move in (they just called us about that this afternoon) and pending an inspection of the property they may be able to move in as early as Tuesday next week.

This family will be an example of Open Hearth, a local family, a church group, the Fair and HHH all working together over the last few weeks to get a family housed that otherwise would be stuck in a purgatory of homelessness but unable to get help.

Also please watch for and “like” and support One Night in a Car as a chance to learn more about and support homeless families.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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