Thanksgiving – much to be thankful for…

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So much to be thankful for! In these waning days of the great and terrible 2009, there is so much to be grateful for – most of all, that we are known and loved by God. Anyone remember that this was the origin of the holiday in the first place? In the midst of financial crisis, family instability, it’s this perspective that gets us through. No one loves us like he does, and he’s done some great things in our lives.

As an organization, we’re so grateful to be here to walk with hundreds of families every year, experiencing the pain of loss and the triumph of overcoming again. The gift of seeing kids eyes light up as load after load of Christmas presents pour through the doorway (provided by incredible volunteers in the community!). We couldn’t be happier to be serving those we serve, loving families and sharing the ups and downs of normalcy after a the crisis mentality fades away… Ending family homelessness. Let this be the year for it! But in the meantime, we’re sharing life with some wonderful people, and that’s something we’re grateful for. Thank you!