Success Story: Employment is the Key

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Ed and Sarah came into Emergency Housing in April. Ed had been the sole breadwinner for the family, and lost his job due to an illness. With no income, it was not long before the family had lost their home and were desperate for help.

During their time in the program, they took hold of every resource that was available, including budgeting, employment assistance, and options available through partners of Helping Hand House. They enrolled their 5 year old daughter in school for the first time. Ed is taking parenting classes through the Sumner Family Support Center. Both Ed and Sarah now have 2 jobs, and their household income went from $1,600 per month upon program entry to over $2,500 per month at graduation. Ed is working as an employment counselor for people with developmental disabilities, and part-time at Target. Sarah was hired as a customer service representative at Virgin Airlines, and has part-time work through a temp agency.

They saved $750 during their 3 months in the program. These funds, along with a cleaning bonus provided by HHH to assist families upon move-out, allowed them to move into an apartment of their own. They are completely self-sufficient, and are no longer receiving housing assistance of any kind. Not only are they getting back on their feet, they now have the dignity of providing for their own family, important life skills, and a story to tell.