Cozy or cold…

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Fall is officially here – and with it, the crisp air, the damp leaves and hard rains. If you have a home, the fall is a cozy time – coffee and a good book on the couch. But if you are living in your car, the fall is beginning of a long, cold season of perpetual coughs, constant tiredness after a night of difficult sleep, and sad memories. We just wanted to add some perspective, and invite you to take a look at the ways you can serve people this holiday season – at Helping Hand House or another organization that is caring for people in need. Maybe it’s a soup kitchen, or helping out sorting clothes at St. Francis House. There are a lot of ways to serve – bring your kids and make it a family event! As always, we’d love to have you involved here (we can always use the help!) but the most important thing is that families are safe, healthy, and warm this holiday season.
This is a time when we need to band together – and we are so grateful for your friendship through it! Thanks so much.

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