2009 Volunteer and In-Kind Donation stats…WOW.

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$113,616.00 – The total amount of gifts in kind/donations received – everything that comes through our front door. The categories listed below that have a dollar value are reflected in this grand total.

– 115 birthday cakes were donated ($1,150 at $10.00 per cake)
– 1,102 total volunteer hours
– 150 volunteers throughout the year
– 13 group yard projects were completed
– 38 volunteers volunteered on an ongoing basis (birthday cakes, birthday gifts, roberts cleaning, etc.)
– 151 quilts received ($13,090)
– Supply drive donations (toilet paper, paper towels, toys, books, etc) ($4,118)
– 2 cars donated ($2,575)
– Holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Back to School) ($56,839)
– Household furnishings (includes furniture and other household items) ($8,943)

And this total doesn’t even include the use of a duplex, donated every year by the South Hill Rotary, and other donated units across Pierce County.

Isn’t that amazing?? Thank you to each and every one of you that contributed to our families this year – this is $113,616 worth of assistance that went directly to serving some of the neediest families in our community. Kudos! You do it well, Pierce County!

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